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 I'm Jimena


Founder of Jimena Lujan Healing Arts, Forever Grateful NS, and Co-Founder of Mendje e Qeshur.
I'm a yoga teacher, TRE provider, holistic therapist & workshop facilitator passionate about
self-discovery & life-changing choices, and my mission is to demystify spirituality and mindfulness so that you can manifest the life you want. I teach classes,  online courses, provide certifications and also lead wellness retreats around the world.

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Release Therapy for Stress, Anxiety & Trauma 


Reiki Training Certificate Level I, II & Master


Corporate Wellness & Team Building Program

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Mendje e Qeshur

"Smiley Mind" in albanian

In 2020 I became the concept creator and co-founder of a not-for-profit project called Smiley Mind; the first free of charge platform for children in Albania focused on Physical Education, Yoga, Mindfulness and Wellness granting lifelong accessible tools to support healthy bodies and minds. Providing children with the integral skills they need to thrive in life.

All possible in collaboration with the Albanian School Sports Federation and sponsored by the Agency for the Support of the Civil Society.



Trauma Prevention Provider, Wellness Coach, Reiki Master
Hatha Yoga +
Pre-Natal & Kids Yoga




I’m Jimena. I'm a yoga teacher, holistic healer and workshop facilitator passionate about self-discovery and life-changing choices. My mission is to help you with your personal transformation journey. 

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