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Tension & Trauma Release Therapy

TRE® is a simple technique that uses exercises to release stress or tension from the body that accumulate from every day circumstances of life, from difficult situations, immediate or prolonged stressful situations, or traumatic life experiences (i.e., natural disasters, social or domestic violence).







TRE® is a set of six exercises that help to release deep tension from the body by evoking a self-controlled muscular shaking process in the body called neurogenic muscle tremors. The uniqueness of this technique is that this shaking originates deep in the core of the body of the psoas muscles. These gentle tremors reverberate outwards along the spine releasing tension from the sacrum to the cranium.

TRE® is being used by thousands of people around the world as an effective tool for releasing chronic traumatic stress, physical tension and emotional trauma. It is also quickly becoming a popular way to release the everyday stress, tension, and anxiety that evolves comes from the daily pressures of life.

Private TRE® Session (1 hr session) 

Based on what I consider you will benefit from; the session may include any or all of the following:

  • Trauma Release Exercises TRE®

  • Yoga Poses- adapted to your body needs at the moment.

  • Energy Healing - release of negative or blocked energy and filling that space with light, love and positive energy.

  • Guided Visualization - using the power of the imagination to undo negative thought patterns and plant and nurture seeds of growth and love.

TRE® is a safe and effective stress release technique for most people. The TRE process should not be used as a substitute for trauma recovery procedures of a medical or psychological nature.


Individuals who have physical or psychological/psychiatric conditions that require strict regulation, individuals with fragile psychological defenses, a complex history of trauma or restricting physical or medical limitations should consult their medical practitioner or a Certified TRE Provider prior to performing these exercises.



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TRE in media
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