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Jimena Lujan

Coach | Speaker | Facilitator | Retreat Host | Podcaster

I have spoken at a variety of companies, schools, programs, groups, and organizations, including the Bibliotech Talks, Sprint Stars, Academy of Women Entrepreneurs, Women Founders of Albania, WeWomen, Creative Mornings and on countless workshops and trainings.

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Some  Speaking Topics

Techniques and practices that would help children and teenagers thrive within the challenges of modern times. How introducing the innovative practice of Mindfulness at an early age can help kids learn to focus, manage stress, regulate emotions, and develop a positive outlook in life.

How to succeed with your organization members and have a healthy, inspiring and productive enviroment. Creating a synergy between holistic and self-growth techniques for corporations to empowered and transform them into healthier organizations. 


Tools to cultivate the self-awareness to successfully manage our health, motivation, and relationships - both in our professional and private life, hence raising global consciousness significantly in the planet.

Now more than ever, our workers are stressed, burnt out and overwhelmed. The wellbeing of our workers directly impacts the work environment and the quality of service our companies are providing. The solution isn't new or better workers, the solution is better care of our current workers.


Workplace Wellness

Cultivating Mindfulness
in the new Generations

Attributes to Cultivate

A Holistic Approach to 
Human Resources

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