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Yoga & Agrotourism


Experience how your food is made from the earth to your plate, practice yoga to reset your mind and body with Jimena and Orjola and savor some the best albanian food.

Located in Fishte, a small village in north Albania, Mrizi i Zanave is more than just an agro tourism farm. Mrizi is the heart of the region of Zadrima and has slowly redefined an entire area of the country by bringing back local tradition, blending it with the Italian culinary experience of its Albanian founders and inspiring many people to work, create, compete and most importantly, enjoy some really tasty food.

Inspired by this special place where love for the land and its gifts is part of the culinary experience, we invite you to join us for a two-day retreat to experience the food journey from the earth to your plate, practice some yoga to heal and reset your body and soul, drink some wine made with local Kallmet grapes of a beautiful taste and enjoy some really good company.

All Inclusive
1 night lodging

All meals

Transportation from Tirana

Yoga classes
Special workshops




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