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Jimena Lujan Yoga Teacher

See What I'm Up To


I am Jimena!

I'm a yoga teacher, holistic therapist and workshop facilitator passionate about self-discovery and

life-changing choices.

For the last 10 years my mission has been to assist souls with their personal transformational journey 

helping them find their balance spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally, and vocationally regardless of age, background or experience.


Understanding the incredible effect of practicing Yoga, Meditation, Energetic Healing, & Shamanic Studies for half of my life, I feel that now more than ever it is the right time for society to embrace these tools to deal with stress, anxiety, physical discomforts, emotional distress, demotivation or just to get some guidance for our next positive change

So allow me to share my knowledge with you and together we can uplift the collective consciousness!

want to know more about me?

The early years..


I was born in Colombia in a big city located in a valley within the Andean Mountains surrounded by incredible fauna and astonishing nature.

My passion for the eastern philosophies started early on. I was mind blown when I read my first book about buddha and ever since I have been intrigued about humans behavior, our origin, our religious beliefs and values, and the cultural structure in different places of the world. It is here early on on my life thanks to my curiosity I opened the first door to my self-discovery journey reading about metaphysics and new age practices.

I spent my childhood and early adolescence traveling around South and Central America where I also fell in love with indigenous teachings and practices. At age 14 my family moved to the United States where I continued my education mainly focused on the Arts and Spirituality.

Later in my early 20's and with a insatiable thirst for knowledge on wellness and mindfulness,  I understood how passionate I am about helping others in their own journey that I decided to invest and dedicate all my time and energy to my passion for the Holistic Arts.




From that moment on I changed my lifestyle, habits and diet, and I enrolled in many different trainings and courses.

I became certified as a 200 hour Hatha Yoga teacher, Prenatal teacher, Kids & Special needs Yoga teacher, Reflexology and Thai Vedic Massage therapist.

In addition I am an Usui, Karuna and Rainbow Reiki Master, certified as an Angelic healing practitioner and Munay Ki shamanic rites. 

Before I left US on a sabbatical year, I taught yoga, healing modalities and trained  teachers on Prenatal Yoga in Miami.

In 2015 I found my new home Tirana (Albania) where I teach classes, workshops and trainings while hosting yoga retreats internationally. 

Recently in 2019 I became certified as an EFT(Emotional Freedom Technique) therapist and TRE (Trauma Release Exercise) provider.

The Path of the Yogi

I am a vegetarian with a huge love and respect for all living beings and mother earth.

Ready to find yourself? 

My proudest moments are seeing my students succeed with my help and providing them with resources, relationships and valuable training materials to help them grow in their journey.

I am a soulpreneur running what I call a meaningful business.

Wonder what I have been up to in the last decade?

Since september 2010 I have taught more than 5000 classes, 6 national retreats, 3 international retreats, 8 corporate wellness retreats, 15 special yoga events, 22 special workshops, & 8 reiki trainings.

I have initiated more than100 people in Reiki in the last 3 years, and it is my goal to initiate1000 by the end of 2021. with at least half of them practicing healing on others for a greater social impact.

Why do I share this with you? Because the Universe is made of numbers! and through them we quantify; it help us keep track of our goals and Dharma (our service to others) and it inspire us to create milestone for the impact we want to create in the future with everyone and everything around us.

I invite to create yours now! Let's spread the good vibrations!

Shoot me a message below. I'd love to hear from you!

Have questions or want to say hi?

Read What People Say

"Jimena is an absolute gift to the world. I took a series of chakra classes with her and had two reiki/EFT sessions with her which completely blew me away. She is a wealth of knowledge and just a pleasure to be around"

Maddie Schulte

"If you are ready for healing and moving forward on the journey that is your true path, Jimena will help facilitate that process and transition. My Reiki session with her was a tremendous experience "

Jess Thim

"My first experience with Yoga retreat and first visit in Thailand, I felt welcomed and didn’t have to worry about anything. The trip was perfectly organized, Jimena created the perfect synergy with the group and we experience days full of laugh"

Silvana Miska

"One of the wisest women I’ve been blessed to receive astrological + spiritual healing coaching sessions from. Her yoga classes are fun and unique. She definitely brings big learnings for all of us and listening to her will always be nurturing"

Andrea Garcia

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