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“I attended a yoga retreat with Jimena in Peru and it was so thoughtfully planned. My favorite part was the integrative yoga/meditation we did in nature, it was a great way to harness all the positive energy of our group. Jimena is a beautiful soul and her calm energy is contagious. Looking forward to attending her next retreat."

Dr. Corinne Althauser

I had considered doing yoga for many years, but some sort of (un)fortunate events made me first start yoga with Jimena. That completely changed me. For the first time, on the day of my thirtieth  year on Earth, I was connecting to my body as the home of my being. Now I am more advanced and understand the patience (did I mention I was a disaster?) and light-giving teaching method Jimena possesses, and just wonder in owe and gratitude for the gift of strength. 

Blerta Kambo

Photographer & Artist

Could not ask for more! As my first experience with Yoga retreat and first visit in Thailand, I felt welcomed and didn’t have to worry about anything. The trip was perfectly organized, Jimena and Anny gave us all the necessary information since before the trip and it exceeded my expectations. They create the perfect synergy with the group and we experience days full of laugh meditation, trips. Everything they chose was impeccable, resort, places we visit, yoga classes. I am already looking forward to the next one. Totally recommend. Lots of love from Tirana.


One of the wisest women I’ve been blessed to receive astrological + spiritual healing coaching sessions from. Her yoga classes are fun and unique. She definitely brings big learnings for all of us and listening to her will always be nurturing.

Andrea Garcia Herrera

Montesori Teacher. Lifecoach & Cacao Ceremony Provider

Jimena is an absolute gift to the world. I took a series of chakra classes with her and had two reiki/EFT sessions with her which completely blew me away. She is so gifted at channeling energy, getting to the source of deep inner issues and helping her clients heal. She is very professional, trustworthy and makes you feel extremely comfortable in her presence. She is a wealth of knowledge and just a pleasure to be around.

Maddie Schulte

Registered Nurse

Jimena has the ability to connect and see the pain of others, offering holistic ways to help you heal and find yourself. I have been blessed by her presence in my life.

Jona Dushi

Programmer & Yoga Teacher

I recommend Jimena whole heartedly. If you are ready for healing and moving forward on the journey that is your true path, Jimena will help facilitate that process and transition. My Reiki session with her was a tremendous experience and I only wished I could live in the same country so I could do regular sessions. You are amazing, Jimena, thank you for sharing your gift and your light so gently and humbly with me!

Jess Thimm

The universe decided the endowment of my first yoga teacher, Jimena Lujan, for which I am really grateful . Jimena had a powerful ability to make me love yoga at first class. Her authentic personality is about energy, love and compassion. I love her teachings from her heart and the knowledge she shares all the time. She creates a beautiful, uplifting energy yoga class. I strongly recommend my yoga teacher Jimena, and especially her powerful Reiki practice 💫.

Xheni Dimraj

Working with Jimena is a spiritual experience; yoga practice is a beautiful journey within oneself.

Bona Carcani

I have had the pleasure of practicing Yoga under Jimena and also reiki. Having practiced with a few teachers, each with their strengths, I can confidently say, no matter what level of yoga you practise you will find a niche with Jimena. Jimena makes you own your practise and discover and build your strengths and weakness. In yoga and other wise :) Her approach to variations and postures in yoga to help you achieve your best results is amazing and very encouraging as you move into a deeper practise.
If you haven’t already, try a session with Jimena, then we can gush about it together :)

Arunima Singh

Because her light is contagious and she brightness all the way .She has done Reiki and we had a few appointments and so far is the best .

Delisa Gjata

Jimena is one of the most amazing Yoga teachers that I have ever met! She is sweet, knowledgeable, caring and is always there with an open heart to hold space and provide love and support for others!

Zinnia Arda

Massage Therapist & Yoga Teacher

Excellent experience on Reiki sessions. The energy shared was magical

Ilira Zere

amazing human being and wonderful yoga teacher besides physical benefits Jimena yoga classes always create positive energy and her calming voice and beautiful smile makes you feel at ease

Ida Amhetti

The trip with Jimena and Victoria to Morocco was the best group trip ever! Jimena posted later in Facebook, that our group of 13 very different people became The One in a very short time-it`s so true! Morocco, Sahara, the ancient culture, the bazaars there, the whole ambience of a magic and wonder..the real thing to me was the magic of Love and Compassion, Care and Attention, coming from and to Jimena, from and to each other. Being almost every day in a different place, I felt myself constantly at home, with my family. The guys in the group became my brothers and sisters, I felt myself complete and happy. I want to thank Jimena for all the efforts and your amazing and healing energy, you inspire me and make me to desire to become the best version of myself. You and your boyfriend Renis, made a great job, I will never forget this trip! Looking forward to joining you on the next trip, full of excitement and joy Thank you, Namaste!


​Approximately 10 years ago I met Jimena by a common friend and I didn’t know that she was going to change my life. I was born with a vascular malformation and I went through a lot of surgeries, problems with my self-steam and  everything that comes with being bullied and not accepting myself ; in top of that a heartbreak. I was just simply a sad, numb person  just living one day at a time since I was taking antidepressants. When I met Jimena, it was an instant click, I had a feeling that I was able to trust her.  She made me feel so comfortable and she explained to me the power of Reiki and said to me something that I will never forget: “Reiki is a healing technique and I will channel energy into you to activate the natural healing processes of your body and spirit; and Angels will be guiding me so you will feel the love that your spirit needs. Reiki is Love ” At the beginning I was skeptic, because I didn’t know about the subject and how it worked, but after Jimena laid her hands and I felt the energy ; I was only sure that I wanted to get better and continue to experience peace and love within myself. I used to leave 1 ½ hour away from Jimena – and I was driving twice a week just to see her.  The first couple of weeks I noticed the difference – I completely stopped taking the medicine – I was feeling like a totally different person, I was positive, “happy” I was not taking anything for granted , even my family and close friends saw the difference. She encourage me to practice Yoga and start to communicate with my Angels (which in the past I was very devoted of them) and find my purpose in life.  I saw Jimena for  3 years or more –during this time I was able to overcome fears , forgive the people that hurt me, I was more secure and the best of all I wanted to learn more and more about the Spiritual world. I did workshops and I went to an amazing Yoga Retreat where I made friends, I learned and experienced new things that I didn’t imagine I was ever going to do. Today, I can tell you  that I am a Master Reiki  and I continue to practice yogaand when I  have the opportunity I shared my story on how Jimena and Reiki saved me and how I became the person that I am today , I was not lucky Iwas blessed to meet her. 

Thank you , thank you Jimena…  Namaste !!

Melissa Huertas


There are countless of wonderful beings that we come across in our lifetime, But no one has ever made such an impact in my life as Jimena. I'm forever grateful for her healing, love, compassion and for inspiring me to always be a better person and to live a positive life. Jimena is a wonderful & beautiful soul, thanks to her Reiki Healing and Yoga my life has changed! I'm so happy and grateful with the spiritual path that is ahead of me. Jimena Thank you so much for everything! Thank you for your patience and being the best at what you do ! So happy I met you 💜
Can't wait for your next retreat :)

Marcela Lopez

Skin Therapist

I practice my first yoga class with Jimena and I realize that I had a completely wrong idea of what yoga is. She helped me not just to practice the exercises but explained perfectly each of them and why we use them. She is very professional and sensitive. Jimena understands each student needs and exercise accordingly. Yoga with her is fun, she always try to be creative and find the best balance between traditional Hatha yoga and a creative workshop or themed classes such as her Beatles music yoga class, a halloween inspired yoga class or Jungle Theme class. I highly recommend her. 

Sonila Abdalli

Director of Destil Tirana

Recalling the time when I first met Jimena so many things have changed. Starting from the way I think, act and behave towards different situations both professionally and spiritually.
I have attended Jimena's Reiki Training level 1 and 2, and I can tell that satisfied isn’t enough to describe the process. 
I also attended The Cacao Ceremony, which was a really impactful event that helped me to get through a difficult period in my life.
The way that Jimena makes you think and the advices that she gives, makes me believe she is my spiritual guide.
I am really happy that I get to know her and I really look forward to other workshops and trainings.

Ana Petani

Finance Specialist & Co-Creator of Alpaca Creative

I met Jimena on a stage of life where I was looking for some answers to my way of being.

I have attended Jimena’s reiki workshop, cacao ceremony, and the woman’s circle. All of these experiences are new, and very necessary to Albania, being a country of very little spiritual practices. Jimena is a very intuitive teacher and healer, possessing really strong work ethics. She is truly an amazing healer, focusing on helping people find balance and adopt healthier relationships with themselves. I have found her mentorship very helpful as I practice reiki on myself, and have gained knowledge  on the energy field, which has helped me a lot to manage situations of everyday life.

Dorela Lazaj

Lawyer & Founder of Dordolets

Jimena is an amazing healer and yoga instructor, i had the opportunity to attend many of her classes, reiki sessions an a breath taking yoga retreat to Costa Rica, she truly loves what she does. Her compassion, love and the way she connect with others make her an amazing human being. Thank you Jimena

Anny Noratto

Yoga Teacher

I just went on a Yoga retreat with Victoria and Jimena to Costa Rica. The location and the food fare exceeded my expectations. The staff at Mareas Villas were very helpful and knowledgeable. The different yoga classes Victoria and Jimena offered made it accessible for beginners and experts alike. My favorite part was the luxury, nature, and spiritual wellness. I enjoyed all the activities but my favorite was the hikes thru the jungle to the waterfalls, although the ziplining and whale watching were amazing! I really enjoyed the healing and meditation parts and would of liked to have more time for that as well, but there is only so much time in a day. Thank you ladies for preparing and organizing everything for all of us and I can't wait to do it again... maybe Bali?

Jackie B


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