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I facilitate these workshops every year, please check Calendar to see when is the next one. If you and your group would like me to host any of these as a private event please contact me.

Journey into The Chakras

Session series on an exploration into the Chakra System as you move beyond asana and alignment, diving deep into the subtle body. ⁠Classes will be interactive and dynamic.

chakra balance workshop

Life Coach Series; Journey to Myself &
Motivate Me

A group coaching experience to help you improve your wellbeing by working on habit, mindset, and behavioral change. Focus on motivating and activating your potential for momentum in the upcoming months ahead. 

life coaching sessions

Reiki Shares

Monthly gatherings where Reiki practitioners get together to facilitate healing to our circle guests. Excellent option for those who would like to try it for the first time


Cacao Ceremony & Power Animal Retrieval

A combo session with shamanic drumming, guided meditation and ceremonial grade Cacao.

cacao ceremony.jpeg

Energetic Anatomy Module 
Yoga Teacher Training 

Understanding the Chakra System from an Eastern perspective and learning how to apply it into our Western Society


Pregnancy Yoga Series for students & teachers

earn how to take care of your physical, mental, emotional health during your pregnancy and beyond. This series is designed to empower and support your changing body with prenatal-specific yoga flows, meditations, lectures, and breath-work.

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