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How did I end up in Albania anyway?

I was born in Colombia where from an early age I got a serious case of the wanderlust. I spent my childhood and early adolescence traveling around South and Central America and in the middle of my high school years my family moved to the United States where I lived for 15 years before deciding to leave on a sabbatical journey around the world.

In 2014, with only a one-way ticket from Miami to London, I left home with the idea of traveling all over Europe, some places in Africa and the Middle East, and finally heading to Asia, where I was planning to do a second Yoga Teacher Training.

After a year and a half into my backpacking journey, I arrived to Albania as a tourist and later volunteered in a couple of Hostels. By destiny or by accident I ended up staying in Tirana where I met Renis; my Albanian partner, and together we have been exploring and discovering the most famous places as well as the most hidden gems of this amazing and undiscovered country.

Even though I left with an open mind about my trip in a more "going with the flow" attitude, I would have never thought I would be where I am today and living the life I have now.


Since 2015 I made Albania my permanent home.

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